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Autor Thema: Wizd on WD Netcenter?
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ID # 108

  Erstellt am 20. August 2007 12:19 (#1)  |  Zitat Zitat   PN PN   E-Mail E-Mail
I would love to get wizd running on my Netcenter.
I found this tutorial and it might work but it is incomplete..
Wizd on MSS

Maybe somebody with a little more experience could try it out and let me/us know if it works.

Regards Rasmus

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ID # 108

  Erstellt am 20. August 2007 12:57 (#2)  |  Zitat Zitat   PN PN   E-Mail E-Mail
Well I figured it out - but when i want to run wizd I get this error:

# /opt/sbin/wizd
/opt/sbin/wizd: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object
file: cannot load shared object file: No such file or directory

Guess I need some folders but wich and how do I create them..?

Thanks in advance /Rasmus

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ID # 137

  Erstellt am 21. August 2007 22:53 (#3)  |  Zitat Zitat   PN PN   E-Mail E-Mail
I have successfully installed. I followed the instructions on the other forum by petrol9999.

See below for my install.

# export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/lib:/usr/lib:/opt/lib
# cd /shares/Main
# /opt/bin/ipkg-cl install libdvdread_0.9.4-2_mipsel.ipk
Installing libdvdread (0.9.4-2) to root...
Configuring libdvdread
Successfully terminated.
# /opt/bin/ipkg-cl install libjpeg_6b-2_mipsel.ipk
Installing libjpeg (6b-2) to root...
Configuring libjpeg
Successfully terminated.
# /opt/bin/ipkg-cl install wizd_0_12h_pvb_21-1_mipsel.ipk
Installing wizd (0_12h_pvb_21-1) to root...
Configuring wizd

To complete the installation, you must edit /opt/etc/wizd.conf,
and then run /opt/etc/init.d/S84wizd to start wizd.

Successfully terminated.
# /opt/sbin/wizd
wizd 0.12h pvb.21 start.
config '/opt/etc/wizd.conf' open.
key='flag_debug_log_output', value='false'
key='debug_log_filename', value='/opt/var/log/wizd_debug.log'
key='flag_daemon', value='false'
key='document_root', value='/shares/Main/Music'
key='flag_allow_delete', value='false'
key='server_port', value='8004'
key='flag_default_thumb', value='False'
key='target_jpeg_width', value='1920'
key='target_jpeg_height', value='1088'
key='widen_ratio', value='1'
key='allow_crop', value='12'
key='flag_slide_show_labels', value='false'
key='slide_show_seconds', value='10'
key='minimum_jpeg_size', value='50000'
key='client_language_code', value='disabled'
key='server_language_code', value='disabled'
key='flag_use_skin', value='true'
key='skin_root', value='/opt/share/wizd/skin'
key='skin_name', value='linkplayer_hires'
key='alternate_skin', value='linkplayer Res624x416'
key='alternate_skin', value='linkplayer_hires Res1104x656'
key='alternate_skin', value='linkplayer_hires Mozilla'
key='sort_rule', value='name_up'
key='flag_unknown_extention_file_hide', value='true'
key='flag_allplay_filelist_adjust', value='false'
key='flag_hide_same_svi_name_directory', value='false'
key='flag_auto_detect', value='true'
key='server_name', value='Wizd'
key='buffer_size', value='8'
key='stream_chunk_size', value='65536'
key='socket_chunk_size', value='32768'
key='flag_buffer_send_asap', value='false'
key='stream_rcvbuf', value='4096'
key='stream_sndbuf', value='1048576'
key='flag_execute_cgi', value='false'
key='user_agent_pc', value='Mozilla'
key='flag_filename_adjustment_for_windows', value='true'
key='flag_read_mp3_tag', value='true'
key='flag_show_first_vob_only', value='true'
key='flag_split_vob_chapters', value='false'
key='flag_show_audio_info', value='true'
key='flag_hide_short_titles', value='true'
key='flag_allplay_includes_subdir', value='true'
key='max_play_list_items', value='200'
key='max_play_list_search', value='10000'
key='bookmark_threshold', value='12000000'
key='flag_bookmarks_only_for_mpeg', value='true'
key='flag_goto_percent_video', value='true'
key='flag_goto_percent_audio', value='false'
key='dummy_chapter_length', value='0'
key='flag_always_use_dvdopen', value='false'
key='mime_type', value='txt text/plain document'
key='mime_type', value='htm text/html document'
key='mime_type', value='html text/html document'
key='mime_type', value='gif image/gif image'
key='mime_type', value='png image/png image'
key='mime_type', value='jpg image/jpeg jpeg'
key='mime_type', value='jpeg image/jpeg jpeg'
key='mime_type', value='svi video/mpeg svi'
key='mime_type', value='sv3 video/mpeg svi'
key='mime_type', value='avi video/msvideo movie'
key='mime_type', value='mpg video/mpeg movie'
key='mime_type', value='mpeg video/mpeg movie'
key='mime_type', value='hnl video/mpeg movie'
key='mime_type', value='nuv video/mpeg movie'
key='mime_type', value='vob video/mpeg movie'
key='mime_type', value='vro video/mpeg movie'
key='mime_type', value='ts video/mpeg movie'
key='mime_type', value='tp video/mpeg movie'
key='mime_type', value='m2t video/mpeg movie'
key='mime_type', value='mov video/quicktime movie'
key='mime_type', value='wmv video/x-ms-wmv movie'
key='mime_type', value='asf video/x-ms-wmx movie'
key='mime_type', value='divx video/divx5 movie'
key='mime_type', value='mp4 video/divx5 movie'
key='mime_type', value='iso video/mpeg iso'
key='mime_type', value='img video/mpeg iso'
key='mime_type', value='mp3 audio/x-mpeg music'
key='mime_type', value='ogg audio/x-ogg music'
key='mime_type', value='wma audio/x-ms-wma music'
key='mime_type', value='wav audio/x-wav music'
key='mime_type', value='ac3 audio/ac3 music'
key='mime_type', value='m4a audio/x-m4a music'
key='ext_remap', value='m2p mpg'
key='ext_remap', value='m2t ts'
key='ext_remap', value='tp ts'
key='ext_remap', value='mpeg mpg'
key='ext_remap', value='jpeg jpg'
EOF Detect.
plw text/plain 13
pls text/plain 13
upl text/plain 13
m3u text/plain 14
tsv text/plain 12
url text/plain 2
chapter text/plain 15
txt text/plain 1
htm text/html 1
html text/html 1
gif image/gif 3
png image/png 3
jpg image/jpeg 4
jpeg image/jpeg 4
svi video/mpeg 11
sv3 video/mpeg 11
avi video/msvideo 8
mpg video/mpeg 8
mpeg video/mpeg 8
hnl video/mpeg 8
nuv video/mpeg 8
vob video/mpeg 8
vro video/mpeg 8
ts video/mpeg 8
tp video/mpeg 8
m2t video/mpeg 8
mov video/quicktime 8
wmv video/x-ms-wmv 8
asf video/x-ms-wmx 8
divx video/divx5 8
mp4 video/divx5 8
iso video/mpeg 10
img video/mpeg 10
mp3 audio/x-mpeg 9
ogg audio/x-ogg 9
wma audio/x-ms-wma 9
wav audio/x-wav 9
ac3 audio/ac3 9
m4a audio/x-m4a 9
.svi -> .mpg
.sv3 -> .mpg
.hnl -> .mpg
.nuv -> .mpg
.divx -> .avi
.m2p -> .mpg
.m2t -> .ts
.tp -> .ts
.mpeg -> .mpg
.jpeg -> .jpg

Hope this helps.

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ID # 137

  Erstellt am 21. August 2007 22:57 (#4)  |  Zitat Zitat   PN PN   E-Mail E-Mail
Forgot to add, to access from browser it is.

http://%netcenter ip%:8004/

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ID # 108

  Erstellt am 22. August 2007 10:41 (#5)  |  Zitat Zitat   PN PN   E-Mail E-Mail
Thanks allot but I did that except from the fact that I installed the newer wizd "wizd_0_12h_pvb_24-1_mipsel.ipk"
Now when I try to install this version "wizd_0_12h_pvb_21-1_mipsel.ipk" I get this;

#"package wizd (0_12h_pvb_24-1) installed in root is up to date.
# Nothing to be done.

My trouble might have something to do with the newer Wizd-version.
But how do I uninstall it..?

Thanks in advance /Rasmus

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ID # 108

  Erstellt am 25. August 2007 18:49 (#6)  |  Zitat Zitat   PN PN   E-Mail E-Mail
Please help me clear this final step out..
I managed to uninstall and then reinstall the right wizd version but my problem persists. I still get "missing shared libraries..." When I execute wizd...

Could you please write here which ipkg packages you have installed?
Here is mine:
# /shares/Main/__opt/bin/ipkg-cl list
busybox-base - 1.5.0-1 -
libdvdread - 0.9.4-2 -
libjpeg - 6b-2 -
ncurses - 5.6-1 -
wizd - 0_12h_pvb_21-1 -
Successfully terminated.

I really need a media-server program and wont pay for twonky as I dont really like it that much..

Regards /Rasmus

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