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Autor Thema: Netcenter won't boot up?
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  Erstellt am 11. Oktober 2007 17:26 (#1)  |  Zitat Zitat   PN PN   E-Mail E-Mail

Sorry for posting in English. I know this is a German forum but I've been panicking and hoping someone can help me.

My Netcenter won't boot up to a blue light. I power on and it stays on the orange light forever.

Does anyone know how to solve this?

I have a lot of files on the Netcenter that I don't want to lose!

Thank you.

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  Erstellt am 15. Oktober 2007 09:39 (#3)  |  Zitat Zitat   PN PN   E-Mail E-Mail
The original link:

Do not panic and dont open the Netcenter. Use this methode:

The holding over 10 Second Hardreset on Netcenter. The Netcenter give a temporary assignment IP

- Start Windows
- Download the Netcenter Open firmware
- Download nasload.exe from Maxtor page(is in ISO CD from Maxtor MSS)
- Copy nasload and firmware on C:\
- Give PC a fixed IP NetMask
- write to command prompt: nasload /f R1_1_0.0003.wdf /U /P and wait. Dont Push Enter now.
- Hold over 10 Second Hardreset on Netcenter
- Wait 10 Second and PUSH ENTER
- It is now Flashing, wait cca. 10 min.
- Close the command prompt and try EzLink to find the new Netcenter IP.

I hope you dont have on Netcenter critical data. I lost my data this way.

"I lost my data this way." It is not the full true.
First time I interrupt the flashing proces(I don wait the 10 min). And lost the Data on HD.

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